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You are looking for dehydrated foods? You are at the right place! Nong san Viets ltd ‘s CEO has been researching foods dehydration. We assured you that all of these products was optimized for the best quality and a reasonable price.

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Dehydrated, a State that was removed the water, compare to the original state. The purpose is simple, extend the shelf live and increase the quality. (They are different from Dehydrating use Sun Light)


Vacuum Freeze Dried, a new generation of dehydrated. There is only one different, these were dehydrated in a non-gravity environment (Very low gravity). This state keeps the products quality (Color, Shape, Flavour and Smell)


Frozen, a traditional state for storing foods within a long time (about 1 year). But it is not efficient when compare to Dehydrated state. But some foods need to store in Frozen for some purpose.


Flour (Powder), as the name said, these are just Foods were dehydrated (fresh) and then grind it to make flour (powder). This state are handy for making drink, create some special product.

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